The Weightless One by Anais Chartschenko

  Today, I have the pleasure of introducing a long time friend, gamer, poet, and musician, Anais Chartschenko. Anais has an exceptional voice and frequently impresses me with her ability to express it in a variety of art forms. Please take a moment to check out her works below, including excerpts. Ana├»s Chartschenko hails from … Continue reading The Weightless One by Anais Chartschenko


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Here are your free copy of Grimsdalr. Just click the image below and follow the instructions. Don't forget to leave an Amazon review when you finish. You don't need anything detailed. Just a star; maybe a sentence or two about your thoughts. Remember, this offer expires after one week so download as soon as possible!

Preview OurWriteSide Literary Journal

What do Lewis Carroll, William Shakespeare, and Rebecca Minton Westerman have in common? This quarter's OWS Ink: Literary Journal! It's now online, and filled with fantastic literature from authors like Nancy Miller, Julia Jinkyong Allen, and more, created with the artistic talents of Wendy Strain. This is reading you don't want to miss. On sale … Continue reading Preview OurWriteSide Literary Journal