Get the Audiobook of Melkorka!

After six months, the audiobook of Melkorka (Book 1 in The Kaelandur Series) is now available! I spent a long time searching for the perfect voice to cover the wide range of characters in this epic series before finally discovering Fred Wolinsky. You can read the many positive reviews on his website. However, I have to sing … Continue reading Get the Audiobook of Melkorka!


The Keeper and the Rulership by Emily Martha Sorensen

As the daughter of a landowner, Raneh lives in a world of clearly defined roles and rules. She's supposed to get married, gain status, become a landowner herself, and definitely not have magic. Seeing as it's forbidden and all. Too bad she has it anyway. On top of that, a suitable courtship does not seem … Continue reading The Keeper and the Rulership by Emily Martha Sorensen

Locke and Keye by Christie Stratos

Locke and Keye (Dark Victoriana Collection Book 2) Coming September 7, 2017  "Brothers in the art of keeping secrets." This is the mantra Mr. Locke's carefully chosen five employees must repeat together every day before starting work. If you won't tell them your name for Locke and Keye's ledger, they'll find out. They have their … Continue reading Locke and Keye by Christie Stratos