What the Hell is YouNow?

This is a question I have received frequently over the past month when I started using the social platform called YouNow [created in 2011], and trying to find fellow writers/artists/etc. who used the app too. And you know what? I have a really hard time explaining it!  In the most basic language, YouNow is a real-time … Continue reading What the Hell is YouNow?


New Patreon Launched for Tabletop Gamers

JC Boyd and I have recently released our new Patreon for tabletop gamers. Here is a bit about it. Take a minute and check it out! Welcome to RollCraft, where we provide a number of tools and tips for you to run a successful tabletop roleplaying game. Whether it is a one-off, a single encounter, … Continue reading New Patreon Launched for Tabletop Gamers

Get the Audiobook of Melkorka!

After six months, the audiobook of Melkorka (Book 1 in The Kaelandur Series) is now available! I spent a long time searching for the perfect voice to cover the wide range of characters in this epic series before finally discovering Fred Wolinsky. You can read the many positive reviews on his website. However, I have to sing … Continue reading Get the Audiobook of Melkorka!