Read & Support the Thunderclap

We only need a few more supporters to help meet our Thunderclap goal. Go ahead and click. It is free to help spread the word! READ THE FIRST SCENE “It’s colder than a witch-tit,” Runa muttered, shaking the snow gathering on her head. She immediately looked over her shoulder to make sure no one heard … Continue reading Read & Support the Thunderclap

Strong Armed is FREE!

In preparation for our BIG RELEASE for Blood and Bile on June 7, 2017, JC Boyd is having his short story Strong Armed FREE on Amazon for the next 5 days. You can go grab your copy and put it on the TOP of the teetering To-Be-Read pile. You will not be disappointed. I mean, … Continue reading Strong Armed is FREE!

Conquest: A LitRPG Story by Aleric Elos

Book Genre: Science Fantasy, LitRPG, Cyberpunk A primeval darkness threatens to destroy mankind... The world's largest gaming platform in the entire industry is led by a man with many secrets. The popular game DarkForce features the World of Zion which has been plagued by the destructive will of the Leviathan for centuries. What gamers don't … Continue reading Conquest: A LitRPG Story by Aleric Elos