The Weightless One by Anais Chartschenko

  Today, I have the pleasure of introducing a long time friend, gamer, poet, and musician, Anais Chartschenko. Anais has an exceptional voice and frequently impresses me with her ability to express it in a variety of art forms. Please take a moment to check out her works below, including excerpts. Anaïs Chartschenko hails from … Continue reading The Weightless One by Anais Chartschenko


One Storm For Another

The bitter hail had thrown his pall. Heavens colored in painted grays, The trav’ller ducked the crooning squall, Merely to find folks locked in frays.

Jack Spratt

Jack Spratt could eat no fat His wife could eat no lean Consuming stupid school girls They licked each femur clean Jack ate all the thin Joan ate all the plump Taking girls into the woods Their bones put in a stump Jack Spratt chewed away His wife smacked her lips The sheriff they did … Continue reading Jack Spratt