New Release: Warden of the Ash Tree

I am excited to announce my newest release, hot off the press, Warden of the Ash Tree. This short tale (20K words), focuses on aftermath of the award-wining novel, Anaerfell, from the "enemy's" perspective. Check out the blurb below! Maksim Artur, a Vucari noble, heard the rumors of Reds killing their god at Anaerfell. Without … Continue reading New Release: Warden of the Ash Tree


Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

I have partnered with the Giveaway Guy to provide a LIMITED TIME OFFER for a lucky reader to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. You can buy a lot of books with $50! Just click on the image or the link below to enter to win! OR CLICK HERE. In addition, every eBook reader can … Continue reading Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

The 100 SPFBO Entries I Hope to Read by the Contests End

The Weatherwax Report

Edit: Any Author who wants to can just send me a request and I’ll change around my list as best I can, I do want to stay to 10 authors per blogger – but right now there’s still a lot of wiggle room. Message me and I’ll see what I can work out. This list will have to be semi fluid anyway to accommodate for any finalists that are nominated that aren’t on the list.

Edit 2: This was written at 4am, after not going to bed all night, and currently it’s 7:40am, I’ll revisit this list after I go to sleep and get some rest – I’ll edit names and add goodreads and all that jazz.

At first I was like, “I’ll read 30 spfbo books”, but I hit that goal almost within a month of making it, so I still have over 6 months to get as many…

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