The Keeper and the Rulership by Emily Martha Sorensen

As the daughter of a landowner, Raneh lives in a world of clearly defined roles and rules. She’s supposed to get married, gain status, become a landowner herself, and definitely not have magic. Seeing as it’s forbidden and all.

Too bad she has it anyway.

On top of that, a suitable courtship does not seem to be forthcoming, her younger brother is a social embarrassment, her younger sister is better at everything than she is, and . . .

And the Ruler’s coming to visit.

The Keeper and the Rulership Cover

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Emily Martha Sorensen writes clean fantasy for all age levels, and she doesn’t exactly follow the crowd. She has hair long enough to sit on (which she has no intention of cutti

ng; why do people keep asking her that?), she laughs loudly in public, she strikes up conversations with complete strangers, and she licks her plate at mealtimes — why wouldn’t you, when the food is good?

She has a ton of books, with more forthcoming. She also draws two comics: A Magical Roommate and To Prevent World Peace. You can read more about her at


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