5 Pitfalls of Writing Dialogue

Happy Humpday, Readers and Writers!

melkorkaboxset01jpgHow many of you are working through your fantasy novel right now and discovering that something is simply not clicking? I think we all hit a place where writer’s fatigue slams us and we have difficulty seeing the forest through the trees. This last week in my newsletter I announced that I would be offering a 1-Hour Free Book Brainstorming Session monthly to a subscriber. We will break down your characters, plot arcs, and the overall story to discover what is working and what is draining your creative juices. If you are interested in meeting on your book, simply click the link above.

I am excited to announce that Anaerfell: The Blood of Dragons has advanced another round in the #SPFBO contest. With 300 books running for the Top Prize, I am excited to see the book rise another notch. Though, the book still has a long ways to go before becoming #1.


In addition, I am hoping to fire up some interviews on my YouTube Channel again. So, if you are interested in coming on and chatting about your book, the writing process, or anything nerd related than send me a message at jrobertsonwrites@gmail.com. If I don’t get back with you, feel free to bug me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat at @RobertsonWrites.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this short video I made on 5 Pitfalls to Writing Dialogue.


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