The Father of Flesh by Nicholas Paschall

51uwjeup7fl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Terror befalls a rural Chinese village when an ancient evil awakens from its slumber. Within days, the villagers start transforming into horribly deformed blobs of skin with an unslakable hunger for human flesh. The town is soon overrun by an ever-growing mass of skin that devours livestock, houses, and people.

The Chinese government calls in Professor Davis Nickels to investigate the otherworldly horror. A centenarian, occultist, and professor of archaeology, Davis is no stranger to the paranormal, having spent a lifetime battling monsters from beyond human understanding. But age is catching up to the old professor, and this new threat is bigger than anything he’s ever faced. With the help of two graduate students and the Chinese military, he sets off to thwart the ancient menace before it can engulf the world.




Once a nine to five worker at a large insurance company, I now spend my days writing away the hours on horror tales ready to make your spine tingle. Some will disturb, others will make you laugh, but all of them are horror through-and-through. For the occasional non-horror fiction, I stick with fantasy or non-specific stories meant to move people in a way that’ll make people believe in something fanciful for a brief time.

 Unlike some authors, I try and write stories I know I’ll enjoy. That way I’m happy with each novel once they’re finished. Does that mean they’re for everyone? No. But like some of the best stories ever told, mine will be meant for any and all to try and see if they enjoy. I write short chapters with long novels to allow people the chance to preview the first few on Amazon, to see if they like what they read. That way they can be sure they will be happy with their purchase.

 I grew up in San Antonio, which is where I still reside. A graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio, I have a degree in History. With this degree, I’ve learned the many different ways to effectively research a subject. I’ve created my own alternate universe where my stories are set, with the supernatural being a very real and available thing to many people. Vampires are citizens, outbreaks of the plague lead to zombie hordes, and carnivals of sin are populated by ghouls and ghosts. All are dedicated to old gods so ancient, their real names cannot be pronounced by us anymore, though most are unaware of their allegiences. Such is life in my dark world. Come join me!

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