Reader’s Favorite gives 5-Stars to The Blood of Dragons

cropped-2016-facebook-banner-meltitletext.jpgJC and I are thrilled, and humbled, to have received three 5-star reviews on Anaerfell: The Blood of Dragons from Reader’s Favorites. Anaerfell was an idea brewing for over ten years before he and I finally sat down to write the tale, and we are blown away by the response from readers. Here is the blurb:

5star-shiny-webDrast and Tyran might be considered a bit black-hearted, or even immoral. Drast is cunning but reckless, hunting for admiration. Tyran is calculating but tactless, searching for affection. When the two brothers set aside their ambitions to fulfill their father’s desire for immortality, they readily discover many opportunities for redemption. Now, while wielding a powerful magic that drains their life, Drast and Tyran will embark on a maddening quest, facing skin-switchers, dragons, and the God of the Dead.

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We hope you enjoy the extended editorial reviews received from Reader’s Favorite just yesterday!

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Drast and Tyran are brothers, brave young men from a less-favored tribe, and descendants of the dragon slayers. Their father would rather have them pursue the dream of immortality and harness the secrets that have been refused his people over the years, but destiny may have a different path for the two heroes. Follow them in this exciting fantasy to discover new worlds, new creatures, and their encounter with the God of Death in Anaerfell by Joshua Robertson and JC Boyd.

Joshua Robertson and JC Boyd have crafted a fantasy with almost all the great literary elements any reader could want in this kind of narrative. From the writing to themes and characters, they excel in the craft. The characters are plucked from a world that is filled with magic, where men dream and are very ambitious, and where conflict is the order of the day. The setting is wonderful, peopled with legendary tribes and magical creatures that readers would be delighted to encounter. It is fascinating to see how the quest transforms the characters, altering their vision of the world and their core values.

Anaerfell has great writing. Yes, the originality of style and the clarity of the narrative voice come across in a distinctive manner. There is no way the reader can remain indifferent to the seductive writing, the intricate and character-driven plot, and the exciting setting. I was utterly blown away by the story. It is wonderful to note how the authors create a balance between intensity of dramatic episodes with humor and consistent descriptions. This is one of those books that will enthrall fans of fantasy. An epic tale with invaluable lessons!

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

DragonAnaerfell by Joshua Robertson and JC Boyd is an epic fantasy that is centered on one of the deep-most longings of humanity — the desire for immortality. In this story, readers will encounter two powerful characters on a perilous mission. Until now, Drast “the Simon Slayer” and Tyran, two brothers, each with a deadly tragic flaw, have lived only with the hope of fulfilling their father’s dream for immortality. But a new path opens to them and they set out on an adventure that will change their beliefs, their core values, and the world around them. Join them as they face deadly creatures, dragons, manipulative skin-switchers, and the God of the Dead. It is intense. It is passionate. It is dramatic.

When I pick up a fantasy, there are a number of things I look forward to and the first is that the author should take me away from my own world. Joshua Robertson and JC Boyd have created a legendary world with its own rules and principles, but what is interesting is how they make the reader believe this world really exists. There is a compelling cast of characters, including Drast, Tyran, Kaligula and many others, and the authors were keen to limit the number of characters to the essential. There is a lot of action to engage the reader. Right from the very beginning of the tale, the reader is introduced to action and it goes on unabated. Anaerfell features great writing, with vivid images and scenes, great dialogues and exotic words that sound like magic. This is a tale of adventure, spellbinding and utterly entertaining.

cropped-header1.pngReviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite

Their father has just one dream for them: “immortality with absolute power.” He has designed a path they’d travel to attain it, including access to the powers of a powerful priest by killing him. Will these two brothers, Drast and Tyran, follow through with their father’s wishes; will they succeed in killing the God of Death himself or will they embrace a different path? In Anaerfell by Joshua Robertson and JC Boyd, readers are plunged into a fantastic world with exotic tribes, powerful peoples, and rulers, a world that is as exciting as it is treacherous. In this world, two heroes follow a dangerous path to complete a quest. They face magical creatures like the dragons, meet characters with sinister powers and face the God of Death. Can they come out alive?

ThricebannerAnaerfell is a title that readers will love to put on their shelves with the likes of Tolkien, a very complex and multilayered story that has many lessons about life and purpose. The plot is fast-paced and designed to have the reader leafing through the book until the very end. I enjoyed the writing and how it excited my imagination; it features very vivid descriptions and interesting conversations. Another thing that will catch the attention of readers is the originality in plot, in concepts developed throughout the story, and in the cast of characters. Reading about dragon people and a clan that could make others ageless is intriguing. There is a lot in store for the reader in this book. I will recommend it for its high entertainment aspects, the awesome characters, the intricate plot, the exciting adventure, and the excellent writing. This is one of the rare stories that will carry readers beyond their world and make them dream of new places and worlds, finding delight in them. It was the best escape I have had in a while.


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josh_origJoshua Robertson was born in Kingman, Kansas on May 23, 1984. A graduate of Norwich High School, Robertson attended Wichita State University where he received his Masters in Social Work with minors in Psychology and Sociology. His bestselling novel, Melkorka, the first in The Kaelandur Series, was released in 2015. Known most for his Thrice Nine Legends Saga, Robertson enjoys an ever-expanding and extremely loyal following of readers. He counts R.A. Salvatore and J.R.R. Tolkien among his literary influences.

BoydPicJ.C. lives in the Midwest with his wife and two dogs. He is recently received his M.A. in English Literature, and he continues to craft his own dark fantasy world. Before he had completed junior high, J.C. had received his first box set of Dungeons & Dragons and devoured the J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. He has had a passion for the fantasy genre ever since.


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