Passing the Torch: The Writer’s Edge


I am excited to announce Christie Stratos will be taking up the reins of The Writer’s Edge Live Broadcast.

51vpsvvmxjl-_ux250_Christie has been an incredible source of support and knowledge for writers. Not only is she an award-winning writer with a degree in English Literature, but she is also an avid reader of all genres and world literature. She is the author of Anatomy of a Darkened Heart, the first book of five in the Dark Victoriana Collection. Christie has had short stories and poetry published in Ginosko Literary Journal, Andromedae Review, 99Fiction, and various anthologies.

I started the Writer’s Edge over a year ago with a wonderful group of writers as a platform to chat, give advice, and to respond to viewer questions on a various topics. The platform has grown tremendously, where talented panelists now come and discuss all things writing-related. With other responsibilities, I can no longer maintain the channel. I am extremely thankful that Christie has agreed to continue this great support for writers.

The Writer’s Edge currently livestreams the 4th Thursday of every month.

NEXT LIVESTREAM: Thursday, April 24 10pm Eastern Time

Please go subscribe to the YouTube Channel and wish Christie the best of luck. You can check out her works on her Amazon.

josh_origJoshua Robertson was born in Kingman, Kansas on May 23, 1984. A graduate of Norwich High School, Robertson attended Wichita State University where he received his Masters in Social Work with minors in Psychology and Sociology. His bestselling novel, Melkorka, the first in The Kaelandur Series, was released in 2015. Known most for his Thrice Nine Legends Saga, Robertson enjoys an ever-expanding and extremely loyal following of readers. He counts R.A. Salvatore and J.R.R. Tolkien among his literary influences.


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