Justice League & More

Tomorrow is the release of the official trailer for the upcoming Justice League film, set to be released in November of this year. In truth, I am super excited about this movie. I mean…I have to see this film, but after Batman vs Superman, I do not have high expectations. Marvel just does it better.

We know there are six primary heroes to be found in the Justice League movie: Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, and Superman.

That is correct! Superman will be raised from the dead (likely from the Sun, the Codex, A.R.G.U.S., or a Mother Box). I don’t think The Flash will use time travel to bring him back; Snyder is unlikely to use this tactic since Batman is pulling the teammates together.

But…who would I choose to be in the Justice League from these heroes? Superman.

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Tomorrow night at 9:40 PM EST, I will be LIVE on Altered Realm Radio. You will be able to call into the show and talk with me. If you want to mark your calendars, or set a reminder on your phone, I would greatly enjoy chatting it up with you on the air. Hey! We can even talk about why I choose Superman over Batman.

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I love writing. And with your help, I can remain focused on storytelling. In Summer 2016, I made the proverbial leap into writing full-time, pursuing my passion like a blood-thirsty dragon. With the support of my fans, old and new, I have remained soaring. Thank you!

Many readers requested I start a Patreon, and so, I did. I am only getting started, but for $3/month, you can join My Inner Circle. I will have Live Q&As, writing tips, and you can even help me write my stories. I am not getting real fancy. One size fits all.



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