The Harvesters: L.F. Oake & Joshua Robertson


When Cassie bursts through the stratosphere in her incubation pod, she cannot make sense of why she is descending from space in the man-made vessel. Soon, she is trapped on the newfangled, apocalyptic Earth, fleeing from a bizarre alien race. Now, in a desperate search for answers and allies, Cassie turns to the remnants of past human cultures, who have become the monsters of legends.


This is Part One of an ongoing series.


josh_origJoshua Robertson was born in Kingman, Kansas on May 23, 1984. A graduate of Norwich High School, Robertson attended Wichita State University where he received his Masters in Social Work with minors in Psychology and Sociology. His bestselling novel, Melkorka, the first in The Kaelandur Series, was released in 2015. Known most for his Thrice Nine Legends Saga, Robertson enjoys an ever-expanding and extremely loyal following of readers. He counts R.A. Salvatore and J.R.R. Tolkien among his literary influences.



Previously known as Lilian Oake — she’s been writing for over ten years with millions of hits on her most popular story, Nahtaia: A Faery’s Tale. She is also known as The Goblin Queen of the YouTube family, The Goblin Horde.

When not writing, she is wandering the forests of North Carolina with her better half and fellow fantasy author, or binge-watching her beloved Lord of the Rings trilogy and anyone willing/able to handle her random bouts of excited screams.

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