Cover Reveal: Why Melkorka?


Today, not only do I want to show you a new cover, but I also wanted to give you a little insight into my first book.

Melkorka was my first published novel in Thrice Nine Legends, and the first book in The Kaelandur Series. This already sounds super complicated. But think of the many series and chronicles in Dragonlance. My stories work in a very similar way!

Now, I am frequently asked why I titled the book with such a complex name, and then continued being complicated with subsequential books in the series? Well, I was honestly naive to book titles and their importance in marketing. By the time I learned Game of Thrones or The Way of Kings were worded a particular way to draw a reader’s attention, I had already–unintentionally–Robert Frost’d myself.


Kras_finalMelkorka is the name of the ancient castle where we find Branimir, our unlikely hero. I picked this word because of its meaning, found in the thirteenth century Icelandic tale, Laxdaela saga. The Laxdaela saga makes mention of Melkorka, an Irish princess, who was taken as a slave and pretended to be mute. She hid her identity only to reveal later that there was more to her than what was on the surface. In many ways, Melkorka is a story that echoes the complexity in legend, suggesting to the reader that there is more than what appears on the surface.

Readers will find Melkorka was written to be both incisive and invigorating. I took a no-nonsense approach, due to the story being shared through Branimir’s eyes. Branimir is NOT your typical hero; he is a slave, who barely understands himself or the world. But, after you finish Melkorka, and advance to the other books in The Kaelandur Series, Dyndaer and Maharia, you will notice the detail, dialogue, and heroics swell with Branimir’s sense of self.

I will be revealing the cover for Maharia and a new cover for Anaerfell in the next few weeks!

For a quick reference, here are the list of books in Thrice Nine Legends, organized chronologically.

Anaerfell (46 CE) The Blood of Dragons, Book 1

Melkorka (124 CE) The Kaelandur Series, Book 1

Strong Armed (1158 CE)

When Blood Falls (1347 CE)

Dyndaer (1350 CE) , The Kaelandur Series, Book 2

The Name of Death (1351 CE)

Maharia (1352 CE), The Kaelandur Series, Book 3 (Coming March 2017)

AuthorPic2Joshua Robertson was born in Kingman, Kansas on May 23, 1984. A graduate of Norwich High School, Robertson attended Wichita State University where he received his Masters in Social Work with minors in Psychology and Sociology. His bestselling novel, Melkorka, the first in The Kaelandur Series, was released in 2015. Known most for his Thrice Nine Legends Saga, Robertson enjoys an ever-expanding and extremely loyal following of readers. He counts R.A. Salvatore and J.R.R. Tolkien among his literary influences.

(Image of the Kras, completed by Joanna Barnum (


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