All Children Should Read

14536940_10155111004925931_1396212729_o“The school year has begun and nearly 50 million children in the U.S. have returned to class. Roughly 3.5 million children have started school for the first time. Unfortunately, at least a third, more than 1 million, of these children will enter kindergarten without either the cognitive or social-emotional skills necessary to start to learn. Research has shown that children who start school at such a disadvantage struggle to catch up – they are more likely to fail third grade reading tests, and less likely to graduate from high school. Many of these children will grow up to live in poverty.” …more…

We need your help to destroy these roadblocks and change our children’s future. We only have 6 short days left to collect images for a promotional video to support Early Childhood Literacy. Catch your kids reading by October 10th and send the photo to



One thought on “All Children Should Read

  1. Reblogged this on Paul Davis and commented:
    Check out their site and get them some pics of children reading! Preferably your children or closely related children who know you. Don’t like chill across the street from a school and take stalker pics.

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