Rapid Fire Book Tag

We matched on so many of these!

Author David Wiley

My friend Joshua Robertson, author of books such as Anaerfell and Melkorka and owner of Crimson Edge Press, just did a fun little rapid fire book tag on his YouTube channel. Instead of tagging people he left it open for people to answer themselves. And who says a blogger can’t participate in these tags? So check out my answers to these questions and feel free to make a blog post or a video and answer them yourselves. If you comment here with a link to them, I will gladly visit and comment!

So without further ado, and with no explanations whatsoever about any of these answers, here is my response to the rapid fire book tag:

E-Book or Physical Book? Physical Book
Paperback or Hardback? Hardback
Online or In-Store Book Shopping? Online
Trilogies or Series? Series
Heroes or Villains? Heroes
A book…

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