Featured Author: Charlene Jones

Hello I’m Charlene Jones and my website is https://soulsciences.net

I host and produce a radio show for the local community radio station, Whistle Radio 102.9 fm. It’s a very small bandwidth but all the shows are streamed and we have over a million subscribers. I also put all my podcasts up on my website, interestingly enough under the subtitle Podcasts. You’ll see it on the left hand side.

I have completed and self-published a novel called The Stain. I chose self-publishing in deference to the time line I heard was needed for people to patiently apply for and wait for agents, (at least two years) then to apply for and wait for publishers (another two years) then apply for and wait…wait! I’m 64 now, and time is not slowing down in any way, even if I do.

So self-publishing through my publishing company Heartongue Press. I like have that title for my publishing company and I like that I have my own publishing company even if I have only ever published one book, my non fiction book called Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind, and an ebook of poetry by a witty, insightful, delightful poet called Linda Stitt. The book is called Talking to Myself, a title that begs you to read the poem that follows it, right?

I write often, almost daily in my dream journal, weekly or more in my journal/journal (slashes are so convenient, yes?/) and in large chunks when I am hunkering down on a project. When I  hunker down, it usually means nothing else much arrives or leaves my mind but the project.

That is true but not exactly in the way you may think. I wrote Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind, and The Stain, and My Impossible Life, which are my memoirs, while I was writing each of the others. So The Stain received all my mental energy until someone I knew got in a jam over trying to write a particular non fiction work, and the long and short of it is I wrote the book and it’s called Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind. However in the process, I wrote it, and it was almost published by a respectable publisher in Tibetan works, then I made sure the contract went away so the project in that form might not be published ever, then I went back to work on The Stain, finished it and then the next year completed Medicine Buddha. If that sounds confusing, you have it exactly.

In the middle of both of those books I spent a year taking a course on memoir writing, and put onto page much of the best writing I’ve ever done. It will appear in My Impossible Life, because nearly everything else has: trauma, near death, exaltation through Tibetan teachers, walking on glaciers in Norway, sailing the Gulf of Mexico during tornado season, drinking chang with Mongol men…see what I mean? Almost everything that may fall out of or be shoved into a life has appeared even if only briefly through the weaving of this life.

Motherhood, now grandmother, householder, career, teaching meditation, specializing in emotional guidance for people and oh, yes, those university degrees, seems nothing has been left out. Impossible? Yes, and yet…

Writing starts in my heart with a pull and as I listen a story or fragment begins, which is how I wrote poetry for many years. Did I mention that? I started writing poetry through the pulls of my heart leaving fragments of words on my pillow or in the shower, fragments which compelled until I wrote them down. Same process for books, except it takes longer.

The three books mentioned above took over ten years, but I think that’s because I was writing three so if we use math, perhaps three years a book? Hmmm sounds suspicious, doesn’t it?

The favorite book I’m writing is the one I’m working on so right now it’s my memoir. I will be returning to the task of structuring which I am assured by all who understand such things is the hardest part of writing a memoir. So I roll up my sleeves, since hard work suits me.

If I could be one of my characters for a day it would be the one who is the protagonist in my memoirs, but she’s a slippery creature, for sure.

With that, I’ll leave you with a word in Pali: METTA.

It means I send you loving kindness.


Ever notice the same things keep happening? Ever see the same kinds of people walking through your life? Does it sometimes feel like you stand in one place while events, people, even pets emerge and disappear around you?

The word “karma” is frequently used to indicate this pattern of rising and falling. Does this mean you can do nothing to alter or impact the effects of other lifetimes? The Law of Karma actually provides an opportunity for us to make the changes that lead to more and more freedom, clarity and non-clinging awareness. How?

Read the answer in novel form through the life stories of Tahni, a Native American woman from the 1660’s living in Tonawanda, Mary a young English woman from the 1890’s in London and finally Diana a contemporary woman living in Southern Ontario. Learn about the cycles of experience that bind them together even as each struggles to reconcile her life, her desires, with a fate that seems pitted against her.

Finally discover how real love emerges from the dust of their history, completing a pattern in a weave of harmony, beauty and truth. Read The Stain.


Charlene Jones M.Ed/M.A., author, radio show host and producer, meditation teacher, expert in Trauma and Health, mother, grandmother proud to have lived into this sixth decade.






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