Brains to Books Cyber Convention 2016

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is the Brains to Books Cyber Convention on Goodreads. 300 authors from around the world have come together for the largest online book Expo. No tickets. No plane fare. No lodging expenses. This is the most affordable Convention anywhere!

If you wish to attend the Convention, you will need a Goodreads account and you must join the group to comment.



You can check out Joshua Robertson’s booth, and find a chance to win a print copy of Anaerfell at the convention.

Joshua will also be joining Joe Compton on a live broadcast for the late night recap of the B2B event. You can check out the coverage on Joe’s YouTube Channel.

[On Friday, you can come here for the Fantasy Blog Tour associated with this same event. Crimson Edge will be the second stop, featuring the Authors and their Bios.]

Be sure to check out all the posts with this image!

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