The Vampires Next Door by Elle Klass


The wait is over The Vampires Next Door is here! And the ebook is only .99 for a limited time.



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Introverted bookworm Alison was forced to move to St. Augustine, Florida when her parents divorced. Leaving her comfortable life, she struggles to find a new one. In the blistering Florida heat, she stays indoors reading and spying on Rodham – the hot guy across the hall.

Everything changes when loud, mysterious neighbors move in next door to Alison. Mutual interest and a glowing amulet bring Rodham and Alison together. In a blink she’s fighting supernatural creatures, doing whatever it takes to stay alive, and becoming part of something much bigger than she could have dreamed.

The paperback will be available soon. When the proof has been approved you will see it added here.

Meet the characters.





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