Write Fight Scenes by Christine Haggerty

3“You want to write a fight scene. You want blood, sweat, and tears to pour onto the pages of your manuscript. You want those bodily fluids to soak in and wrinkle the pages. You want the reader to experience your scene so completely that when they are reading it and their toddler/mom/cat strolls in the room, they jump to their feet with their hands in fists because your absolutely epic bad guy is COMING TO GET THEM!”

Then check out Write Fight Scenes by Christine Haggerty. This is a must have read in every writer’s library.

Christine_Haggerty_web_mediumChristine Haggerty has a B.S. in Secondary Education and over fourteen years experience teaching both language arts and traditional karate. She is an expert in both writing and fighting and combines her expertise in these fields to bring you an effective guide on action scenes.
She is also an award-winning author of dystopian and dark fantasy fiction and loves to spin fire on the weekends.



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