Dyndaer Cover Reveal

amazonfullcoverDyndaer, the second story in The Kaelandur Series–sequel to the dark fantasy bestseller, Melkorka–is almost here. On January 27, 2016, hundreds of readers will finally be able to snag this much anticipated, full-length novel.

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Check out Anaerfell, a standalone novel in the same world, taking place 80 years prior to Melkorka.

Branimir emerges from the Netherworld as a living legend and learns the Ash Tree is still in danger from the cursed dagger, kaelandur. An old friend compels Branimir to finish what they started at Melkorka. Once again, the former slave must keep kaelandur out of uncertain hands, while struggling to separate heroes from villains and friends from foes.

Some evils never lessen!


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