Winter is Coming, Writers’ Focus Wanes

Tried reblogging once before and it did not work. Let’s try it now! Well worth reading!

L.F. Oake * Lilian Oake

My mind is always going, as the majority of writers will tell you. Every little thing that happens and every thing I see gets the writer treatment in my head. I can drive beside a field of wildflowers and my mind will – more often than not – start finding the words of how I would describe the scene in a book or, as the mother of a book worm, how I would describe it to my child.

That makes everything, in a sense, more magical. We writers see the world in a different light and sometimes, on an entirely different dimensional plane. (that right there will only be understood by other writers.)

We need the right form of nourishment to keep our moods up and our writing minds open. If we fail to take time aside to read or write or do whatever sparks our creativity to life, we start to fade…

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