Building Your Social Empire

Excellent article by Aurora Whittet!

The Phoenix Quill


Building your Social Empire

By Aurora Whittet

Building a social network, as an author can be daunting and frustrating. There are so many social options and frankly so little time. As authors we tend to think once we are done creating a masterpiece of literature that our job is done, but truth be told, in todays every changing world of social media we have to step outside our comfort zone and join the masses where they are.

Six steps to building a social empire.

  1. Choose your social presence. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…Oh My. Not to mention vine videos, blogs, G+, etc. There are so many social options out there it is important to select the ones that fit your lifestyle, message and your readers. You can’t choose all social media channels or you will be sparse on all of them, and your audience won’t be able to connect with you, and…

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