Support Autism: Win a Book

Logo-55ddc97c43d39Crimson Edge is proud to be supporting the Integrated Behavioral Technologies, Inc. (IBT) in their mission to ensure that all children with special needs are able to access services that help them be fruitful and happy members of their community while increasing individual and family quality of life. IBT has been a fundamental agency in supporting Autism in South Central Kansas, where their are few ready-available resources for families.

Currently, IBT is raising money with the “Step Up South East Kansas” campaign to increase services in the region. Not only will it create a central location for treatment and service coordination, but it will also provide much needed therapies to children and families with very limited access and resources.

AnaerfellCoverWe are asking folks to support the cause by donating HERE. If you donate at this link, you will be placed in a drawing to win a free copy of the upcoming release, Anaerfell. This opportunity ends on Saturday, October 24, 2015!

However, you can still donate HERE if you miss the deadline and still want to support IBT.

HeroesPoster992015-55f1b0500e35fAutism is a developmental disorder that is typically diagnosed during the first 3 years of life, impairing an individual’s ability to communicate and interact with others. Autism is a spectrum disorder that impacts each child with different levels of severity. Recent estimates are that 1 in every 88 children in America is diagnosed with a form of Autism. Autism is 4 times more prevalent in boys than in girls and can affect anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity or other factors.  More children will be diagnosed with Autism in one year than those diagnosed with cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined.


3 thoughts on “Support Autism: Win a Book

  1. This is really awesome. My daughter is autistic and it really is hard to find the best things to help them so they can function normally. Here’s a tidbit of info for you. They’re starting to realize the reason more boy seem to have autism is because it presents differently in girls. Boys tend to be more aggressive while girls become more withdrawn and appear shy when they really aren’t. Plus the things boys tend to obsess over are more obvious… like knowing everything there is to know about cars or dinosaurs. Whereas girls lean more towards being obsessed with fairies and living in an imaginary world, which is what most girls do anyway… it’s just girls with autism do it more obsessively.

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