Crimson Edge: Now on Smashwords

Crimson Edge Publishing / Press has not expanded to Smashwords. As titles transition off of the KDP list, you will be able to find them through Barnes and Nobels and iBooks on Apple devices. We will be offering our many dark fantasy stories through Smashwords over the next several months, so keep a lookout.

AnaerfellCoverAnaerfell is now available for Pre-Order as an eBook on Smashwords and Amazon.

Drast, cunning but reckless, is on the hunt for admiration. Tyran, calculating but tactless, is in search of affection. Bound by a friendship thicker than blood, the two brothers have been hardened by their father’s ambitions. Drast and Tyran are forced to set aside their own hopes and dreams during their struggle to fulfill their father’s desire for immortality. The two will face skin-switchers and dragons, ultimately leading to a final clash with Wolos, God of the Dead.


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