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Me 2014-2I am a professional and published writer. I write articles, short stories, and I am currently working on my first novel. I have had three short stories published, in a variety of anthologies, during 2015. I hold an Associate’s Degree in Human Services. Writing has always been a part of my life. My passions are writing, reading, reviewing, helping others, gardening, nature, and spending time with my grandchildren. I am a Wife and Mother to 3 beautiful daughters; Grandmother to 7; 5 girls and 2 boys. My grandchildren are my world!

Excerpt 1-The Elements Save Mother Earth

By: D.B. Mauldin


The ghost of Paracelsus roamed the earth. Never had he seen the earth in such a terrible state. The land was dry and ravaged by fire. Paracelsus knew the salamanders were thriving, but they were the only elemental to do so. Pollution inhabited the waters and air to the point that they were poisonous. They were losing the battle to help keep the earth livable for humans.

Mother Earth had awoken Paracelsus.

“Paracelsus, I beg of you to arise from your resting place. I desperately need your help,” she had said.

Paracelsus did as Mother Earth asked. He stood looking around the devastation, wondering where to start.

“The four elemental forces are going to have to work together to clean up this mess,” Paracelsus muttered to himself.

Something fluttered around Paracelsus’ head. He heard a tiny voice.

“Paracelsus, is that you? It is you, isn’t it! I’m so glad to see you! We sylph’s need your help, so many are perishing in this thick, poisonous air. It is hard to breathe. You must help us!”

Paracelsus narrowed his eyes and tried to focus on the air so he could see the sylph flying around his head. Finally, he was able to see her. She was gorgeous, with her white cloud body, her wisps of arms and legs, and her long hair flying around her face wildly as she moved about. Paracelsus smiled.

“Yes, Tiina, it is I, Paracelsus. I heard Mother Earth’s call for help and came to see what I can do. I have never seen the earth in such a mess,” Paracelsus shook his head sadly.

“You say the sylphs are perishing? Well, I am not surprised. The air is nearly pure poison. How many sylphs are left?” he asked.

“I’m really not sure, Paracelsus. I have been receiving the sad news of their perishing for some time now,” Tiina, Queen of the sylphs replied sadly.

“Have you been in contact with any of the other elementals?” Paracelsus asked.

“Only the salamanders. They need us to fuel their fires, which pollute the air more, making it harder and harder to breathe. They threaten to fry us if we do not help them,” Tiina sobbed.

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Allison D. Reid

KJ Hawkins

D.B. Mauldin

Joshua Robertson


1st Place Winners

Christine King

Katie Roxberry

Winter Bayne

Jane Dougherty

Wilson F. Engel, III


2nd Place Winners

Christine Haggerty

Randall Lemon

Deborah Jean Anderson

  1. Abram Barneck

Louise Findlay


3rd Place Winners

Samuel Milner

Karen Brown


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