Social Media Ineptitude – A Writer’s Challenge

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Social Media Ineptitude – By Lorraine Johnston

Am I a Twit with Twitter? I haven’t quite decided as yet! I haven’t even determined whether I ‘m absolutely fine mentally, psychologically and intellectually speaking, and it’s just that the whole world has gone, quite frankly, a bit fruit-loopy!

Cake 4

I’m a 47 year old woman. I’ve achieved many things in my lifetime thus far:

  • I’m a Mum to a healthy, happy, 6ft 3in, 20 year old man-child nursing student.
  • I’ve successfully put a staple entirely into my finger whilst replenishing said stapler.


  • I can rustle up a meal the size of which, could possibly feed a small Peruvian Village from just the debris of contents of my fridge and cupboards with only a few minutes notice!
  • I’ve had a ‘grumpy old woman’ rant at a large chain clothing store, with a long queue at my back, asking the cashier to void my sale…

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