Eighties Fantasy – How It Impacted My Ya Fantasy

Beth Hammond


I stumbled onto one of my favorite childhood show’s opening theme song today. I will share with you what it is in a moment. But first let me tell you that it opened the flood gates of memory to all the shows I grew up watching. I always knew the shows I watched as a child impacted my writing. But today made me focus on the details in a much more poignant way.

The Dark Crystal:

This was the first movie I watched that scared me. I loved it for its beautiful colors and whimsical moments of comic relief. But also, it was the first show for me that touched on the “you must complete this task or the world is over”. It stuck with me. The high fantasy quest became something I craved.

The Never Ending Story:

I watched this movie over and over. The idea that a book could sweep you away on…

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