The Great Black Bird

The Great Black Bird

“I can’t feel my heart beat?”

I couldn’t see her face but felt her pause. The pull between us.

I’m thirteen, I said again in my head, like a distant recollection or forgotten idea. And then she spoke.

“Can we sit?”

And she was sitting. She was sitting before me, I could feel, could tell, the way her voice descended.

There was a chaos, a crash of cymbals from the rush of bats, ravenous pouring through across the smooth stone ceiling, rapid Magnus flush I n the air for some shard of time, moments suspended like leaves in cob webs, before we found ourselves facing each other, fixed. Focused on one another. Lotus. In the black.

“You feel empty now, but you will fill up again.” She said.

“Since I was inside of you, like I was a part of you… My worries are magnified. And I’m concerned. What transformed…

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