Reconsidering Covers

The Phoenix Quill

Reconsidering Covers – By Christopher Taylor

About a year ago I wrote a piece about book covers in which I thought about a few concepts regarding a good book cover and how important it is. In the time since then I’ve continued to study and consider this topic and have learned more.

Book covers are the only real way you have to reach out to readers. You can hope for word of mouth, you can pay to advertise, you can make a “book trailer” video and post it, you can give away copies, but ultimately, with over six billion potential customers around the world living on 57,000,000 square miles of land, you’re not going to reach them all.

What you can do is make a compelling, intriguing, and effective book cover so that when people look for something to read, they will notice and become interested in your work. In…

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