Solstice Tour: KJ Hawkins

Two Messages Paid with Blood

The smell of smoke and flesh burned his nostrils. He stood in the heart of the village looking out over the burning buildings. Filthas could hear the cries of children as they watched their families slaughtered before their eyes. He could hear the burning villagers screaming. The chaos and turmoil were music to his ears.

It has been so long since I’ve seen bloodshed. He breathed in deep hoping to burn the memory into his being. The smoke billowed into the skies blacking out the sun over the village, Queens Fallen.

“Just think 3,000 years ago I stood in this very spot,” Filthas said. “Before I became this cursed creature.”

“Yes, back when you used to kiss Queen Karigan’s ass,” Marthred stated.

“Don’t speak of the woman!” Filthas snapped.

“Why? You can’t tell me, you’re still carrying sore feelings about her choosing the King over you,” Marthred questioned.

Filthas didn’t respond. He found himself overwhelmed with the burning hatred in his heart. Till this day he still didn’t understand why she chose that dragon over him. That creature wasn’t worth the time of day, it was a creature, a monster. Dragons were nothing but mindless beasts that needed a human to have a brain.

“But, that didn’t stop her from choosing Silva over me” he whispered.

“Did you say something?” Marthred asked.

“No!” Filthas growled. “If I was talking to you, you would know it.”

He was irritated with the stupid mage for bringing up these unwanted feelings. Filthas was relieved when Marthred’s captain came walking up the main road.

“My lord, we have finished taking the village as you instructed” said Captain Koga.

“Very good, how many casualties?” Marthred questioned.

“We have no casualties on our end, Sir!” Captain Koga stated. “We did not take any prisoners as Filthas instructed. I also had the men set all the villagers’ homes ablaze.”

“So, there are no survivors?” Filthas questioned.

“Among the villagers, no!” responded Captain Koga.

“Hmm…we will see about that,” Filthas sneered.

Filthas walked towards the north end of the main road. He was looking for the place it all began many years ago. The spot was easier to find than he expected. Filthas did the best he could to keep the emotions from overwhelming him. “This was the place Karigan and I saw each other last,” he stated.

The image of her beauty filled his eyes. He found it hard to repress the memory. Filthas saw the way her hair fell over her face as betrayal overwhelmed her eyes. The blood that spilled from the wound making his hands crimson. He could never forget the moment life left her eyes. His ears still rang with the spell that she sealed with her dying breath. The very curse that made him into what he is. That day Filthas killed the woman he loved, and became a monster.

Seconds after he heard the final words of Karigan ring in his ears, a child ran out of a burning building and fell down in front of him. “Well, apparently there is one survivor!” Filthas yelled. “I do believe it is time to leave our hero-in-training a message.”

He reached down and picked the boy up by the throat. The child kicked violently, gasping for air trying his hardest to break his hold on him. Filthas did falter though, he ripped off his glove with his teeth. He slammed his skeleton hand against the boys face slamming him to the ground. The boy took one gasp of air as his skin turned black and life left his body.

“Hand me a dagger!” he ordered.

“My lord, is this really necessary?” Captain Koga asked. “The village is message enough to the Varrin.”

“I didn’t ask your opinion, soldier!” Filthas sneered. “Besides the village is the message for the Varrin, while the blood will be for the girl.”

“It’s best to just give him what he wants,” Marthred said. “Unless you want to be like the child, dead on the ground.”

The captain looked at the child. Filthas could see him weighing his options. “Very well,” Captain Koga responded. “Here is your dagger.” He reached into his boot and pulled out a small blade. Koga tossed it to Filthas.

He snatched it in mid-air. Filthas didn’t wait for any more objections. He slashed down from the boys throat to his stomach letting his blood and intestines spill out onto the ground. Filthas heard all the men gasp and a few throw-up from the gruesome act. But, that didn’t stop him. He stuck his hand into the boys insides drenching his fingers in blood.

Filthas then walked to the house the boy ran out of and slowly began his message. Letting the blood slowly seep into the wood making the words he needed to say.

“Where it all ended it shall all begin again!” he yelled.

KJ Hawkins is a young fantasy author making her way into print. She has had a strong love for fantasy since she was nine years old.

As an adult the magic stayed with her inspiring her to write stories of adventure and magic.  Hawkins, at her best, brings personality to every word she writes, exciting her readers with every page.

Fun Fact

KJ Hawkins is actually a pen name taken from the initials of her real first and last name. Hawkins came from her favorite childhood film, Treasure Planet, the lead character is James Hawkins!






The Magical Muse: A Collection of Fantasy Stories

The Magical Muse 72Story Blurb:

Trisha finds herself in the clentches of a monster like know other. She has to fight her way to freedom only to find herself looking at deaths door. Will she survive the fight or will a secret hidden from her be her saving grace.

Book Synopsis:

Stories of fantasy ranging from dark, to light and inspiring, bring life to this anthology.  The creatures featured throughout, both good and evil, display the devastating or wonderful personalities they were given by the authors who created them for your enjoyment




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