Author Interview with Joshua Robertson

Thanks to Christine Keleny for an opportunity to join her on her website. Enjoyed the interview!


I was introduced to a fellow writer on social media recently, Joshua Robertson, and wanted to introduce you to him and his writing. Joshua considers his book “dark fantasy.” Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it!

AuthorPic1Joshua – tell us about yourself:

I am a Midwestern boy from the country that is currently living in the rugged land of Alaska with my wife and children. Throughout the years, I have done a number of different jobs from projectionist to therapist. Though, no matter what I have done, I have always had a passion for storytelling.

What got you into writing?

I am not sure what exactly set me on the path of writing, but I do remember my older sister writing stories when I was younger. The first story that I remember writing was a horror story at the age of nine. After spending years reading fantastic novels by fantastic authors, I…

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