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Biowar Cover

This weekend I treated myself to read comics. I usually seek out mainstream comics that I enjoyed as a child, including your general cluster of superhero stories [Superman, X-Men, or anything Marvel], Star Trek, or my personal favorite, Red Sonja. Through the years, I have found that it is difficult to find something engaging and worthwhile that is not mainstream. However, I was pleased to have this FREE online series, BIOWARS, recommended to me. It had everything that I seek in a comic book series: an intriguing storyline, dynamic characters, bouts of humor, and beautiful graphics.

Sensurian-GridThe creator of BIOWARS is Gabriel Shaoolian, who had become fascinated with the micro-universe inside each of us. He eluded medical school and instead journeyed forth to tell the world about the epic battles for survival that take place daily in the BioCosmos. The writer, Mark Powers, is an excellent addition to this team. He has been in the entertainment industry for over two decades, working with Marvel and writing G.I. Joe. As a writer myself, the language is what sold me to keep up with this comic. It takes great skill to be able to conceptualize a scene in comics in the limited space. With only a few select, powerful words, the writer has to draw in the reader and keep them turning the pages. My friends, Powers is truly a master at his craft.

BIOWARS has three artists on their team: Lucius, Goncalo Lopes, and Joana Lafuente. These three have done a beautiful job in capturing the vision of this comic. An entire world has been manufactured in theory and brought to life through their artwork. It was in the first few pages of the first comic, where I found Sensurian [my favorite character so far!] racing through the immune system that I thought, Hell, Yes! The artwork combined with the word choice was extraordinarily captivating.


BUT – what is the story about? It highlights Alexander Hawking, a regular guy, whose father inadvertently passes a germ to him, and with it, a destiny. This nasty, little microbe is designed to annihilate the human immune system. Alex is given his own quest in the real world, while inside his body, there is a parallel story line taking place.

Tenzor-GridThe inner-realm of Alex’s body is a vast and complex alien world. The BioWarriors that reside here are defend their world against strains of bacteria, fungi, and worse of all, viruses.

If Alex’s BioWarriors keep him alive long enough, he may have the chance to complete his own quest. If not, humanity’s survival will be controlled by the will of the few.

BIOWARS is like Osmosis Jones on steroids! It takes the epic feel of everything that we love about science fiction and larger-than-life battle scenes, and intensifies it. This is something that I will be continuing to read whenever I have a chance. BIOWARS is releasing their 9th issue next month, and two Biowars mobile app games within a month or two. For more information, check out their website at www.biowars.com.



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