Meet and Greet: Tyler Omichinski

Tyler and I met through a Facebook community for writers called the Den of Quills, and recently has been published in Grey Matter, a collection of science fiction and fantasy short stories by Meizius Publishing. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to learn more about what got him into writing. Enjoy!

* * *

What got you into writing?

This is the question that Joshua posed to me. It’s a tricky one, because I don’t really remember. Somewhere on my bookshelf I have the first “book” I ever wrote. It was about elves using a snowmobile to save Christmas. There was some heavy Deus ex machina at the end, but it was stapled together to form a short fifteen page illustrated children’s novel. Obviously, I never secured distribution rights for it.

For years after that I would start short stories, novels, and other things. Usually they would just be abandoned. I was published half a dozen times in High School in literary magazines for that level, but most things would be started then abandoned. There are probably hard drives out there, somewhere in the world with thoughts and chunks of stories on them. I know that there are some other short stories and poems, most of them terrible, that are published on different websites and stuff.

Then, there were years where I didn’t write anything. I went to law school, which I actually really enjoyed, and things were going well. I just didn’t really have time to write. I did, looking back, I just thought I didn’t.

Eventually, I found myself working. At a job, like an adult. Then after a little bit I wasn’t. A visit to the hospital eventually ended up with me being at home most of the days and looking fro work that I could do while I recovered for a bit. Writing was something I could do. I started to grab contracts writing for RPG companies, and some copywriting, and some other small things here and there. I was mostly just trying to recover though and still hadn’t give much thought to going back to the writing that I had really enjoyed and considered. At one point a person I had done some work with and had been in talks with about working for posted a call for a novella for an anthology that, if I’m remembering correctly, someone had dropped out of at the last minute. It had to be within the universe that had been created, and the rest is history. I wrote Wild Bloodlines and it was accepted for publication.

I love the feeling, so I decided to look into actually trying to have some success as a writer. Now that’s what I’m doing. I’m still looking at finding daily work, and I’m still doing copy writing and similar work. The result has been reading about how to be at least somewhat successful as a writer and I’ve started working my way up that way. I have a few short stories and other things that have been or are going to be published this year, more work for RPG companies and the like. I like being able to be entrepreneurial and seeing my work out there.

That’s my story on why I’m writing. I can’t really remember a time that I didn’t and it has always been a part of me. Now I’m just trying to go pro.

Tyler can be found at Twitter @Tyler_Roi . He is known to write for and You can also find him on FacebookGoodreads, and his website is found at


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