Anaerfell – Coming October 2015

anaerfell_coverI have been sitting on this beautiful cover for a couple months and I have to say that I am thrilled to finally display it. Coming this October, J.C. Boyd is joining me in releasing another novel in the Thrice Nine Legends series. This bonusย book will be a full-length story that preludes the events found in Melkorka. I get chills just thinking about the story that is going to be put within the flaps of this cover. You are going to see dark fantasy at a whole new level!

I want to be clear that this is not the sequel to Melkorka. That novel (Dyndaer) is scheduled to come out in January 2016. However, Anaerfell will give you a hint of the depth behind this story. I do not think you will be disappointed, but you might find yourself having to read Melkorka again to discover new parallels.

I want to say so much! To give snippets and tell secrets – but I cannot. So, for now, just gawk at dragon heads, revel in the contrast of color, and get excited!


26 thoughts on “Anaerfell – Coming October 2015

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  2. Very, very nice! She’s done a great job that Winterbayne did. My apologiesโ€”been editing a book with a lot of old fashioned London dialect haha. I’m happy for you. She made me a stunning cover too! Now, if only I had time to write ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I like the cover. My only other-than positive feedback would be that it is a little dark around the edges, and the sigil could be a tiny bit larger.

    The red is good. It suggests the color of blood, which I hope is intentional. Fonts and text placement get an A+

    • Thanks, Gene! We are getting it down, one step at a time. I always appreciate your honest feedback. It gives us room for improvement. We have nearly finished the cover for the novel due in January 2016, too.

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