Jack Spratt

Jack Spratt could eat no fat

His wife could eat no lean

Consuming stupid school girls

They licked each femur clean

Jack ate all the thin

Joan ate all the plump

Taking girls into the woods

Their bones put in a stump

Jack Spratt chewed away

His wife smacked her lips

The sheriff they did miss

Hands upon his hips

Says Jack, “It’s not my fault!”

Then Joan did reply

“I was not the one

who brought them by and by!”


2 thoughts on “Jack Spratt

  1. How’s Alaska been treating you and the family, Joshua? I miss hearing about your adventures there, the more especially since “Alaska” (in the form of raw winter weather) seems to have strayed all over the rest of the United States this winter. Please, please, take it back, and just give us the synopsis!

    • Heya! Long time, no talky. Alaska had been fabulous. Though, I think our weather has been more mild than the lower 48. We have already started our trek into spring, I think. It’s actually been above 0 most of the time here. It is like shorts weather!

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