A Midwinter Sellsword Cover Reveal

midwintercoverfinal Happy Valentine’s Day, fellow bloggers!

I am pleased to present the cover for Book #1 in the Hawkhurst Saga, called A Midwinter Sellsword. I know that there are many of  you out there that have been anticipating this story. 😀

This short story series focuses on a sellsword that becomes trapped in the daunting political games  of a subterranean city. How many people will he will have to kill to keep his own secrets hidden and to obtain his freedom once more?

Release date information coming soon!



11 thoughts on “A Midwinter Sellsword Cover Reveal

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    • Thanks, Mishka. I have always wanted to focus on a more political storyline. It is much more difficult to write than some other fantasy I have attempted. Detailing the world and being clear in motivations is a challenge.

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