Dryden’s Surgery for Amblyopia

Hello, friends, writers, and bloggers. This is something a little different from me. I am asking for some help for my son so that he might have a chance to see as well as his brothers and sister. My wife and I received some hard pressed news today. We have been fighting to get our son scheduled for eye surgery for Amblyopia for about two years now, and finally got it scheduled last month. Unfortunately, we received a phone call today informing us that the doctor office policy is to receive the full payment upfront before doing the surgery. This surgery is expensive and my insurance won’t cover it since I have not met my deductible I am reaching out for any support we can receive to help Dryden. We have reached out to close friends and family, local organizations, but have also started a GoFundMe. Thanks in advance!




6 thoughts on “Dryden’s Surgery for Amblyopia

  1. I can only imagine what this feels like as a parent. I wish you and your son the best and I may not be able to contribute a lot but we will see what we can do. God bless.

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