Pretty Things by Christine Haggerty – Cover Reveal Interview

Pretty Things Final Cover

Christine Haggerty is gearing up for the release of her first tale in The Grimm Chronicles. I am a fanatic when it comes to Grimm tales. If you are anything like me, this gorgeous cover has me anticipating great things. I snagged Christine for a few interrogating questions. Check it out!

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I love the cover, Christine. It’s dark and mysterious, and really seems to give weight to the famous Grimm Fairytales. Who did the cover? Were you able to have any input in the design and are you happy with the results?

Thanks! I love the cover, too. It gives me chills, partly because I know how all those images play into the story. The cover design was by Lyndsay Johnson, an obviously great graphic artist. The initial concept was mine and she finessed it way beyond what I could ever have pictured.

Lyndsay is also an author. Her first novel is Fire of the Sea, an intense Nordic tale of mermaids. Like me with my fairytales, she stayed more true to the original idea than Disney.

It draws you in with the crow and haunted backdrop. How did you come up with the unique title?

The title was a late idea when I realized I didn’t want to name the stories directly after the fairytales since they became their own beast. Pretty Things has significance in a few different ways in the story. It popped into my head when I was falling asleep one night after the cover had been half-designed.

The Robber Bridegroom is likely one of the less known Grimm Tales. I assume that there will be more stories based on the series name. Why did you start with this particular tale?

The Grimm Fairy Tales have been told and retold a million times. I know that I probably won’t break into worldwide fame by doing the same thing others have done, so writing these fairy tales is really just fun for me. I wanted to work on a story that wasn’t as well-known as “Cinderella” and “Red Riding Hood,” although I’ll probably write some of those, too. “The Robber Bridegroom” caught my interest because the girl in the story is forced to marry a boy who turns out to be a pretty nasty character, and I delved into what kind of circumstance would incite a father to make his daughter marry such a person. The rest is my own creation.

When is the publication date?

If all goes according to plan, you can preorder Pretty Things on Amazon by February 9th.

And without giving anything away, if you could be one of the characters, who would you be and why?

Well, I certainly know who I wouldn’t want to be… But, seriously, I think it would be cool to be able to turn into a crow.


Christine Haggerty, AuthorChristine Nielson Haggerty grew up in rural Utah with three brothers, a sister, several chickens, a goat, and an outhouse. She always loved the escape of fantasy and the art of writing, and her passion for life is to craft stories of strength and survival.

As a former high school language arts teacher and a black belt in karate, Christine has found a niche in combining those skills to help authors write effective fight scenes.

An award-winning young adult author, she is now launching her dark fantasy fairytale novella series The Grimm Chronicles.

Facebook: Christine Haggerty, Author

Twitter: @chaggerty99



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