Today: Writing, Winter, and Cookies

Thricebanner01I woke up a bit later then planned this morning, but I don’t think it halted much of my productivity. In fact, I probably needed the shut-eye after the past week. My morning started off with a wonderful video chat that focused on upcoming projects this year. I scheduled some upcoming eBooks, which is always cool. But, I was excited to finalize some of the plot arcs for Anaerfell that should be released in October 2015. Did I mention that I made scrambled egg wraps when I did this? It was scrumptious.

Then, the wife, kids and I went on a joyous ride through the snow-covered frosty world that is Alaska. It was rather pleasant at -17. The sun was shining, the world was glimmering, and we honestly were startled about how warm it felt compared 17897_10153684808545931_7870170415681185769_nto the -47 earlier this week. We ate some candy bars and talked and looked for moose. Yes, we did get a bit lost on our mini-adventure but it was oodles of fun.

The rest of my afternoon consisted of making video trailers, reading, and editing. It was very exciting to achieve multiple things in a short time frame. If you are following my Facebook in this moment – you might notice that I am trying to convince myself to reward myself with some cookies. I am craving them terribly, but I am lacking the energy to bake them. I have went to the extremes of asking my wife, a friend, and pixies. To my dismay, it seems I am going to have to make them myself. I don’t think I would be so disappointed with this unavoidable conclusion, except I know that those that said ‘no’ are going to want me to share with them.

No matter what – the pixies aren’t getting any! Okay – enough procrastinating – I’m off to the kitchen. And then, it is time to write a couple thousand words.


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