Secrets and Doors Anthology – Coming Soon

I have been blessed to spend the past month or so working with some very talented writers out of Utah that are part of The Secret Door Society. Together, with Crimson Edge, we are going to be releasing an anthology of stories to help out with T1D. All proceeds, from the authors and publishing company, will be donated for this cause. My youngest brother has Type II Diabetes, and although he does not face the full impact of those that have Type I, I have watched him struggle with the implications of diabetes since he was seven-years-old. I have to say that I am very thrilled to be a part of this project!

Look forward to a cover reveal of the anthology in the next week!

Below is a nice blurb with more information.

“The Secrets and Doors Society is committed to opening new doors by supporting the research of a common, but terrible, disease. Type One Diabetes (T1D) is a disease that can affect children and adults. Over time, T1D can damage nerves, organs, and extremities. The only current treatment is a lifetime of blood sugar monitoring, and insulin injections.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is studying the prevention of the autoimmune attack that can evolve into T1D. They are working toward eradicating the need for insulin by keeping insulin producing beta cells alive. JDRF’s ultimate goal is to stop T1D before it starts, by creating a universal vaccine. All proceeds for Secrets and Doors will go to JDRF in support of their mission to treat and eradicate T1D.”


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