Melkorka Release–Newest in Dark Epic Fantasy

Thanks, Christine, for the very fun interview questions.


Melkorka: Thrice Nine Legends by Joshua Robertson, was released on Amazon today! As a final beta reader, I got a sneak peek at the newest in dark fantasy.

Melkorka FinalFrontCover

Branimir Baran is a Kras, a servant creature of a magical order of humans, who unwillingly unleashes the greatest evil his world has ever known. Bran is forced on an adventure to stop this evil, an undead sorceress, from destroying all life. Not such a small task. Branimir has to really grow and stretch beyond his expected place in society and beyond his own definition of himself as he faces a series of adventures across his world.

Robertson revives epic fantasy with great world-building. I enjoyed his creatures and the way he illustrated their cultures by having the characters interact. There was even one moment that was such a surprise I swore out loud.

Bran was a little bit of a tameā€¦

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