Make your New Year’s resolution come true by Paul Davis

I am glad to introduce Paul Davis to the blog to provide some tips on New Year’s resolutions. If this year is anything like last year, there will be thousands of posts uploaded across WordPress today. Please take a couple seconds and enjoy the entertaining words of Storyteller Davis!

Peace, joy, and a happy New Year to each and every one of you.

Every January is a new beginning, where we look at where we were and try to see where we will go. Many people make grandiose promises of what will happen, perhaps telling loved ones and coworkers. Then they wait for us to fail, just as we wait for them to fail.

We will try that diet for a week until work gets in the way. We will attempt that exercise regime until we sit in front of the TV. We will write a novel until we reach page five and wonder “what’s the point?”

With my own novel looming, I think, “That’s the point.” Joshua and all of Crimson Edge Publishing is on the brink, and going into a new year they have their first publication coming out in about two weeks. That’s the point. Here are some tips on making your resolutions become life-long ruts.

The first step to any good New Year’s Resolution (a.k.a. that habit I’ll fail at within two weeks, if I even start it), is do it. Many of you are thinking of going to the gym. Just go. You’re thinking of writing. Well you’re already at the computer, put those words down. Slather them on a nice, crisp, pristine document. Put them in a leather-bound journal.

I used to look at my leather-bound journals and whisper to them, “You’re too good for my writing. I’d never mar you with my amateur musings.” Now I’ll even rip pages out, scribble, doodle, and write nonsense when the mood strikes. But I’m using those leather-bound journals something fierce, because I do have something worth writing in them. So do you.

Step two is keep doing it. It takes a month for a habit to take root, and some suggest you only try one or two habits at a time. If you place too many on at once, you’re going to collapse under the weight.

Once you get into the habit, truly get into it by doing it day after day, it feels good. When I worked out six days a week, I felt great. For a month after my laziness ensued I felt miserable. Now I’m fat and miserable. Getting back in shape is my New Year’s Resolutions.

After you have the habit going, don’t allow it to die. I go on a business trip next week. I need to bring gym clothes. I will be up early and to bed late, but I just need to make time to workout and edit. Period. It’s nonnegotiable. Once you get into the habit, you will feel the same way.

With that, happy New Year. I pray you find success in all your endeavors and that you will not break your resolution to improve in the coming year. I have the best wishes for Crimson Edge Publishing, and hope my own new endeavor, Lands of Volden, will also take off. Yes, that was totally a plug and entirely shameless. But check it out. We have prompts for writing.

Happy New Year,

Paul R Davis

With the experiences of mission trips to Guatemala, international travel, a Tough Mudders, teaching in Kentucky and Wisconsin, and a few forced experiences out in mother nature, Paul R Davis seeks to put the excitement of life in his books, inspiring others to seek adventure. Learn more at Paul’s Blog.


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