Epic Fantasy–Balancing World and Story

Thanks, Christine, for letting me be a guest on your blog. I really enjoyed writing this post! Go to Christine’s Blog for your chance to win a copy of Melkorka after its release!


Worldbuilding is necessary for any fantasy story, but especially for epic fantasy that takes place in a unique world with its own creatures and cultures. But you can’t get so bogged down by the details of the world that your reader sits there and wonders when anything is actually going to happen.

Joshua Robertson, author of soon-to-be-released Melkorka, speaks on balancing the worldbuilding with the storytelling.

Balancing World and Story
Like any other fantasy author, I was heavily influenced by great stories in my younger years: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Princess and the Goblin, anything by Tolkien, the movie Legend (don’t judge), and numerous folktales and legends from cultures around the world. Fantasy captivated me from a very young age, whether it was on the television, video games, board games, comic books, or novels. There was nothing better than swords and sorcery, heroes and monsters…

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