Connect with C.N. Crawford, Author of The Witching Elm

I am pleased to welcome C.N. Crawford and her upcoming story, The Witching Elm. Crawford has shared a bit about her journey that has led to the release of this dark, urban fantasy. We are offering a FREE EBOOK to a random commenter on this post through Saturday, December 27, 2014. So, I encourage you to say hello for the drawing. 🙂

EDIT: Gigi Sartor is the winner of the FREE EBOOK. Congratulations!


C.N. Crawford is the pen name of two people – my husband (Nick) and me (Christine). We met in Boston in our early thirties after I’d spent a decade living in London. When we met, Nick was getting his Ph.D. in Biology, and I was getting a psychology graduate degree. But beyond our academic and social lives, something else was missing from the equation. To put it in psychology terms: while a student’s frontal lobes get a workout with organization and planning, the surreal and dreamy occipital lobe falls out of use. Creativity withers.

Before working on my psych degree, I’d spent ten very broke years in London, wandering around the streets, obsessively learning the city’s history. By the street names, you can tell where vendors sold poultry or where lepers lived a thousand years ago. There’s history in the US, too, but it takes more time to get to know it. I felt cut off from the past when I moved here.

My yearning for something deeper started coming out in strange ways. One day, I’d been given a psychology assignment to write about a cultural misunderstanding in a school. I wrote about a 17th century Puritan transported to modern Boston and assessed by a school psychologist. After class, my professor pulled me aside. He’d liked what I wrote, but I could tell he didn’t think this was typical graduate student behavior.  

And as it turned out, what was missing for Nick and I was writing. On a trip to Paris, my husband conceived of a story about a boy who traveled from a magical world into our own. As soon as we returned from our trip, Nick began writing about a boy who flew as a crow into a creaky old Boston school. As soon as I read his opening, I was hooked. And over time, I began to write more of the story, taking it into a darker place and one that allowed us to explore Boston’s morbid history while allowing our occipital lobes to bloom with surreal imagery.

Now, after many years of worldbuilding, mapmaking, and obsessive historical research, our book is finally ready for prime time, and I’m incredibly excited to share it with people. It comes out tomorrow and will be on sale for a few days. And I do hope it will ignite the magical, dreamy side of people’s brains.


At a Boston school brimming with centuries’ worth of magical secrets, New England’s buried past rises up to grab the present by the throat.

Fiona Forzese walks the halls of prestigious Mather Academy with a deep yearning for a more exciting life. Her wish is suddenly granted when she meets an intriguing new student named Toby Corvin—who just happens to be a sorcerer. Toby soon introduces Fiona to an astonishing universe of ancient spells, talking ravens, and sinister bone wardens. 

When a deadly army from Toby’s strange world descends upon Boston, he and Fiona race desperately to stop the slaughter. In the process, they face unspeakable danger while unearthing New England’s darkest secrets.

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