I am very excited to report that Book 1 in the Thrice Nice Legends series called Melkorka is gearing up for its debut release. I will be publishing this novel through Crimson Edge Publishing Company. This will be the first novel for the company with more authors works being published throughout next year in 2015. These will be announced in the coming months. The company will be accepting new submissions in January 2016 (unless things just really take off – there is always that possibility).

The cover reveal for Melkorka is scheduled for December 23, 2014. It will give you something (I hope) to admire and salivate at along with your holiday dinner. I will be honest, I am extremely stoked about the design and depth of the cover. The few select folks that have gazed upon its glory have already sung its praises!

The release date for Melkorka is tentatively scheduled for January 16, 2015! PLEASE PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR!

Stay tuned for more updates, and other cool stuff!


1. Media Appearances/Interviews

If any folks would like to have some pre-release interviews or know of sites that specialize in these types of things, I am interested in forming some lasting partnerships with the blogging world. I would like to schedule some initial interviews to discuss the design of the cover, after the blurb is released, and other milestones up to the release date (and after). I have had several interested parties, but I know that I have read reviews WordPress blogs, and you folks are just awesome at reviews. These can be written, through YouTube, or podcast.

2. Freebies/Samples

There will be some Freebies / Samples of the book offered. Of course, there will be giveaways but there will be opportunity for pre-release samples for those that would like to review the novel. There are only a handful of options, so please let me kow if you’d like to set yourself up for a free book.

3. Speaking/Book Tours

I am currently scheduling many speaking engagements but I am interested in the good ole use of book tours. If you would like to be a part of helping tour the book on your blog or social media outlet, please – oh please – let me know.


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