A Fancy Picture Taker Please

As many of you know, I took a trek up to Alaska during the summer and am currently living up here with my family. My spouse has taken on the hobby of photography, but is in need of a fancy shmancy camera. Our current cameras doesn’t have the professional whatnot to capture the Aurora Borealis (our current photos don’t do it any justice), the wildlife, and other features of the great landscape. Anyways, she has opened up a GoFundMe to raise the funds to make her dream come true. Afterwhich, we can start sharing the photos with those of you that are not up this way.

Thanks for donating if you are able! Have a great Sunday.


5 thoughts on “A Fancy Picture Taker Please

  1. stellingsma2010

    i am no big fan of sony …..i had the @100 and it sucked big time …..the best camera i ever had was the Nikon D200 D300 and the Samsung NX100 wich i still use 🙂

      1. stellingsma2010

        if you really want a good advice ……dont go and pay top dollar for a body …pay top dollar for good lenses 🙂 i would rather have 1 good F2.8 lens than a body cost more than a second hand car

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