I Started a Publishing Company


It has been a very busy few months. Today, I took an epic step of achievement for myself and I wanted to share it with my WordPress friends.

This morning, I received my business license to begin my own publishing company! Whaaaa

Crimson Edge Publishing Company will be specializing in Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopian Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Tabletop Game Guides. It will not be a vanity press or self-publishing company. I will be spending the next year focusing on promoting a handful of publications through Crimson Edge, while smoothing out the edges [see what I did there] to be prepared to provide the best service for upcoming authors. Starting January 2016, Crimson Edge will be accepting submissions from new authors. [So…start on your manuscripts now!!]

There is more but I am going to have to hold out for now. Please share the website, follow the Facebook, and Twitter. It is GREATLY appreciated!

Hope you all are as excited as I am! FYI, I am thinking about holding a contest for someone to design a trademark/logo for the company. Thoughts??


58 thoughts on “I Started a Publishing Company

    • Thank you, Gregory. You may be happy to hear that I am considering writing a series next year based around Hawkhurst and some of the gaming that we did before I trekked up to Alaska. It will be published through Crimson Edge as novelettes in an ongoing series.

      • Gosh, that really does mean a lot. It is wonderful when folks really back you through WP. Lets you know the relationships aren’t superficial. I am sincerely open to feedback on the website as I create it. I need to know what I am sharing too much of and/or what I should be including. I want the site to represent the professionalism that I aim to provide, primarily putting the authors first. This next year will be getting the company some credibility, and then bringing on authors when I have the base marketing platform created and necessary business connections solidified.

  1. Congratulations, Robertson! Now you have to really put your nose to the grindstone, as the saying goes (as if you haven’t been doing that already to get this far! Ha! Ha!). I hope you’ll have a great time and achieve lots of things for your writers and yourself.

      • Unfortunately I don’t have anything but editing experience. A publishing house is a dream of mine though, so it’s always really exciting to see other people getting out there and making it happen. It seems like you’ve got a good plan for the start though: getting a reputation for quality work is essential.

    • Thank you, D. James. I definitely will. Right now it is just getting the basics of the website up, and then I am off to finish finalizing the important pieces of the business. I have already learned several more things that need completed this week. There will be a learning curve, and that is why I don’t want to accept authors for the first year. I want to know what I need to know to give both authors and readers the best experience I can offer with the books published.

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