How to Write Fight Scenes

I have often been told that fight scenes were my strength in writing, but this has definitely given me more perspective. Great information!


Originally posted on Jane Dougherty’s blog, this baby has landed me a presentation invitation to the Author’s Combat Academy in Tennessee in April. I’m presenting on fight scenes this weekend at the League of Utah Writers Fall Conference to warm up my presentation muscles. I hope to have some video of it next week :), but in the meantime, this is here for your reading pleasure.

From the Dojo to the Page: Writing Fight Scenes
By Christine Haggerty, author of The Plague Legacy: Acquisitions (Currently $2.99 on Kindle!)

I. Love. Karate. For most of my marriage, my husband has referred to it as my religion. I even went to the dojo on Sundays while he took our three kids to church. (Yes, we’re still married.)

I love the dojo. I love the wisdom and centeredness I feel when I’m in that place. I love the mental focus in training.


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