First Book Published!!

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I have finally done it! After a decade and a half of writing, I have finally self-published my first book. Bo Bunny and the Trouble has been released on as a 48-page paperback children’s story, including colored pictures. It is targeted for kiddos from 6-8, in hopes that more parents would like to read an engaging story with their kids, but it can also be read by school-aged children that are a bit older as a transitional reading book. You should be able to check out the synopsis by clicking on the Lulu link on my blog. FYI, you save 20% by purchasing through Lulu, but you will be able to find it through Amazon and such as well. (I know many of my readers are not children book enthusiasts, but I am still extremely satisfied for accomplishing this today!)

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
I will be receiving my first copy in the next couple of weeks. I am crossing my fingers that everything looks as good in my hands as it does on the computer screen. In the meantime, I will be working hard on prepping my fantasy novels and other future works. I hope folks are excited to read those stories!

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26 thoughts on “First Book Published!!

      • It looks like my nephew’s ‘cup of tea’. I couldn’t find it in the Amazon UK store, so I’ll probably just go through lulu. I wish my daughters would read my work, but then I haven’t really written anything in their age range. I have to pin them down to read anything – I’m hoping they’ll grow out of it!

      • I honestly am learning about the distribution process. I have 12 other children books for younger kiddos that I still need illustrated. My kids have always enjoyed reading them. 🙂

      • Wow…12, that’s so exciting. I’m sure you’ll be able to take what you learn from this round and get the others out there. Plus there’s a great community on tap who like to support other writers as often as they can. Though you know something about that, given that you’re part of DKC 🙂

      • Absolutely. I am honestly excited to get my fantasy novels published. I am debating if I want to self-publish those or go through a publisher still. I have a handful of folks editing, reading, etc. the novel currently. I would love to get it out by Christmas if I self-publish. After that, I am looking at purchasing some more books from writers on WordPress. I have a nice collection, and I like reading from people in this community.

      • Me too. I’ve met so many talented writers since joining WordPress, and all of them are supportive and offer boundless encouragement across the board. However you choose to do it, self-publish or publisher, I’ll look forward to adding your novel to my list. Fantasy and Science Fiction are my favourite genres to read 🙂

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