DKC: Upcoming Blog Tours

Dragon Knight Chronicles (DKC) is collecting blogs that would like to be part of Blog Tours and Launch Weeks this Fall! What does that mean, you may ask? DKC is helping new authors reach target audiences by having fellow bloggers share their new novels, and build a community of support. As an aspiring author, I find this to be an impressive and thoughtful service, helping people reach their dream. I know that I will be taking part – and not only because I am affiliated with DKC – but because I am excited to be part of a community of fellow writers supporting one another.

The way that this works is that you can e-mail Kathryn Jenkins, Administrator of DKC, at Title the e-mail subject as Blogger-Inquiry and send her a list of all genres that your blog falls into for the many audiences out there (e.g. Young Adult, Fantasy, Science-Fiction, etc.). This will help categorize the Blog Tours!

If you haven’t checked out the new website at DKC, I would highly encourage it. There are many new services at DKC including several different types of featured interviews for authors and their books. The details can be found on the site. In addition, you will find information regarding book reviews, promotional services, design services and editing services.

Also, check out the bi-monthly contest: Half-Blood stories. I look forward to reading your submissions!


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